Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22/06/11 Gunpla Talk

Woo!! Finally national exams are over! That means, no more school till September yeah! xD
This also means I'll finally have time for gunpla again....

After a couple months without progress, I'll try prime my F-14 this weekend, but before I'll be doing some colour tests and all that stuff...

Next gunpla? Well lately I've fell in love with Zeta Gundam series designs, so I will want Zeta and Mk2 Gundams, dunno if they are going to be in HG or MG...but I'm kinda waiting for their release as RG...that would be perfect!

But on my list there is the NG Red Frame...and the 1/144 EX-15 Mobius Zero & Sky Grasper since I would love to customise the Sky Grasper that only fits Seed HG's backpacks to RG Strike backpack...since this EX model pack is kinda Rare I might get it ASAP...but only work on the Mobius...

Well...thank you for reading all this ;)

See you next update!

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