Sunday, 30 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama WIP - Part 2

Welcome o Part 2 of the WIP, with only like...5 to 6 hours of work I think I've done a lot,
corrected some panel lines, and add more details to the floor, including battle damage...

I also tried a new technique, melting runners to make very thin plastic strings, perfect to simulate cables, I'll show you the pictures, relax :)

 Also added some walls to help shape the lunar/meteorite surface..

I've corrected the panel lines, this is before the final touch up, which included, a stronger and weaker sand paper to give a pre finish, and then wet sanded and it got a lot smoother...but all this was after this picture.

The outside part which was also sanded later...

And then I created a small structure, which will be inside a "mountain" and it will have to resist to a certain amount of weight that I'll be putting on top of it, so why not testing it with some weight :)

The structure resisted a lot better than I was expecting.

 A picture of the overall look, not, after the sandings, and the added battle damage to the floor which I'll show now.

 This is a small battle damage, showing some "wires" that I made by melting some runners.

 The corner of the diorama was also battle damaged, showing that the floor cracked there.
And the hole made from a beam shoot, now without weathering it, it looks like shit but I'll look cool in the end :)

This is the result of all my work till now ahaha, my desk was a mess, now I have cleaned it don't worry ehehe :)

Hope to see you all next update!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama Work In Progress - Part 1

Welcome to my new project, the "Last One Standing".

This will be a very challenging one, it'll require a lot of time and patience, still, I think I'll manage to do it successfully.
This is the last draw, where I imagined and placed all the essential stuff for the diorama.

As I referred many times in the past, this diorama I'm doing, will go for a friend of mine.

So as my previous diorama, I started by cutting some wood for a very strong base for my construction.

And then I started cutting some pla plate for the "floor"
Then I designed some panel lines and this is the result (after a small china ink panel line wash just for checking how deep and wide were the panel lines)

As you can see, some panel lines will need some touch ups, but so far I like it a lot.

The part I'll enjoy more will be creating the terrain just like a meteor/moon surface.

And then the painting I think will be very cool too, can't wait to show you more stuff.

See you all next update!

Friday, 28 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama - Part 2 - Concept Phase

Since this diorama will be more precise in terms of what I have to put there, to make it more believable, I have to use more images as concept art, inspiration and reference pictures.

I'm going to post them here, so that you can all see them too!

Hope you enjoy this images, they truly are rich in information, detail and concept..

I'm so inspired and motivated I can't hold in me all this excitement ehehe.

See you next update and if I can WIP :P

Thursday, 27 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama first update!

Hello guys! Been away from this blog a couple days, these days I have very little time to post things, but two days ago I received what I needed to start my project with my friend.

We ordered some decals and he got them first, and he sent me the ones I wanted, and also a base for the Strike Freedom MG, which I'll be using on the diorama so It'll be a Diorama fully made for Strike Freedom MG.

I have been gathering some inspirations, checking some artwork and all that, and I'm gonna post some pictures I used as reference for the initial concept.

The concept is pretty simple...Strike Freedom will be the Last One Standing..

The diorama will include a lot of tiny tiny detail and I intend to push myself to my limits once again :)

See you next update!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gundam Age Review!!

The AGE has begin! Keep reading for a small review of the first and second episode of the newest Gundam Anime!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Vrum Vrum" - Life update

A lot of stuff has happened this past few days, but today something good happened, I passed my driving exam and so I can now drive :D

So...if you see me driving run away or don't walk on the streets muahahhaa

Just kidding :P

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

"Have you ever felt"

Have you ever felt
that feeling...

Like grey dust,
metallic dust,
like it goes through you
your head, your throat,
your heart...

Like you were lost in some
strange and weird desert
and there was this grey dust
"waterfall" in the middle of nothing...

This I felt...
A couple times, 
And I feel it now...

It's like mixed feeling, like death and life
love and hate...

This world is uncoloured, though the grey dust
is more colourful that all other things...

Like it was a whole other colour...

Something that you could see and distinguish...

Still I find...
Impossible to describe, this feeling I feel...


Sunday, 9 October 2011

"Oh hii" - Mini Update

So, yeah I kinda abandoned the blog, well, not on purpose, just because life is full now, I don't even have time for music...

College is taking like 75 % of my time, the rest are all other activities...

I'm tired because this is a more exhausting life style.

College has been so fun ehehe, I like people there, they are friendly and we all get along well :)

The teachers are very cool too, a bit demanding but yeah I guess it's normal eheh

I'm gonna be back at modelling this month or next one, with the diorama base project for ZackFair's Strike Freedom.

I ordered some decals and I'm waiting for some pieces to start working on it, I want it to be so kick ass, I have so many damn good ideas!

See you all next update