Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gundam Age Review!!

The AGE has begin! Keep reading for a small review of the first and second episode of the newest Gundam Anime!
Gundam Age created a small controversy for it's "kid anime looking", and the "hardcore" fans were very disappointed with the turn of the series.

I was kind disappointed too in the beginning, but I waited for the anime to critique the show.

The designs are not bad, they grow in our head, though it's hard for that to happen without seeing the show.

I'm not gonna spoil the story, but what I can tell is that it's story is pretty much a Gundam Story, the colony thing, much like 0079 Gundam and Gundam Seed...

Gundam Age 1 Normal, is a normal lead Gundam, the pilot Flit so far doesn't seem to be a overpowered dude like Kira or Setsuna, though there is weird powered people in the show too..

The Gafrans and all the other bad guys, look very cool, they act so badass, and they have no fear, and they kick the Genoace's butt, I was so surprised when the Beam Spray Gun had no effect on Gafran's armour.

So far so good, I'm enjoying a lot the anime, I had very low expectations, or should I say, NO EXPECTATIONS, but it surprised me...

It is more kid turned show, but not as much as it seemed to be.

Next week we are going to see the AGE fighting the Zedas and omg, the Zedas looks so fierce, I can't wait for that battle! 

See you all next post guys!

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