Saturday, 29 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama Work In Progress - Part 1

Welcome to my new project, the "Last One Standing".

This will be a very challenging one, it'll require a lot of time and patience, still, I think I'll manage to do it successfully.
This is the last draw, where I imagined and placed all the essential stuff for the diorama.

As I referred many times in the past, this diorama I'm doing, will go for a friend of mine.

So as my previous diorama, I started by cutting some wood for a very strong base for my construction.

And then I started cutting some pla plate for the "floor"
Then I designed some panel lines and this is the result (after a small china ink panel line wash just for checking how deep and wide were the panel lines)

As you can see, some panel lines will need some touch ups, but so far I like it a lot.

The part I'll enjoy more will be creating the terrain just like a meteor/moon surface.

And then the painting I think will be very cool too, can't wait to show you more stuff.

See you all next update!

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