Sunday, 9 October 2011

"Oh hii" - Mini Update

So, yeah I kinda abandoned the blog, well, not on purpose, just because life is full now, I don't even have time for music...

College is taking like 75 % of my time, the rest are all other activities...

I'm tired because this is a more exhausting life style.

College has been so fun ehehe, I like people there, they are friendly and we all get along well :)

The teachers are very cool too, a bit demanding but yeah I guess it's normal eheh

I'm gonna be back at modelling this month or next one, with the diorama base project for ZackFair's Strike Freedom.

I ordered some decals and I'm waiting for some pieces to start working on it, I want it to be so kick ass, I have so many damn good ideas!

See you all next update

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