Saturday, 24 September 2011

Life Part 4 - The 7000 Views Special

Life, Life, Life, Life...

"Life, it smiles, for those that really deserve it,
for a long time I wish I was better, I had more,
but, I had to admit,
I couldn't be better than what I already was,
I couldn't have more that what I already had,

I do cry, I wish I could do more,
More for me, more for my family,
more for those that deserve it,
more for those I don't want to see bad...
In my life, I cared about others a lot,
Others were my life, and when I looked at myself...
I was no longer myself,
I had to focus on myself, and keep my problems to me,
Ok, it's good to have others help you, but for once,
I wanted to do stuff on my own...

In this 9 months, I have gone through pain, suffer, joy, everything...
I lived more in this 9 months that I lived in a couple years,
I did stuff I never imagined I was capable of doing,
Indeed was a huge roller-coaster of emotions,
Would I live it again? I would...
Would I suffer again? I would...
Would I cry again? I would...

It all made me a better person, like I said.
"Life, it smiles, for those that really deserve it",
for a long time, life smiled for me, but I didn't deserve it...
And when I needed it to smile to me, it didn't...

Now, after this life changing week, I went through a lot...
Happiness, cry, stress, pain, it all happened in this 5 days...
I don't need life to smile to be, I know that when I really deserve it
It will smile to me...
Now.. life, it's smiling to me, and I'll take it,
and won't waste this outstanding second chance...

This second life it was given to me,
In the end...

I'm happy....."

By: AgcSantos

Ok guys, after this stuff, I really feel much better, letting this stuff go out, well, this is also my 7000 views special, and well, part of it was the AstrayGamer project, you can find in my Pre-7000 special,

Like I said, I'm and Administer of the AstrayGamer project, and I'm happy I can be part of it!
This blog will be updated slowly now, due to college, so now I have a lot to focus myself, college, website, blog, life :P

I'm happy, that's all I can say, no more, no less.

I wish I had more to share, but well, I don't, I have some draws done for my next project, though I still need some stuff done before working on it.

I promise it'll be something huge!

I'll do my best to keep this blog up and running, see you all next time,

And thanks for staying here next to me for this year and 2 months, sure has been a crazy journey, but I love it!!


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