Thursday, 1 September 2011

Work In Progress - 1/144 "Lost in Battle" - Part 2

Here we are for the part two of this work in progress, it sure it's getting harder, and it's really making me give my best.

This image you see I added some metal piping to the weapon...just for a more mechanical aspect...

And now for the next phase, I don't want the diorama just to be a random weapon standing somewhere, I want, the diorama to have a different feel to it so I'm adding an house.

I draw a tiny figure, that represents a average sized human in 1/144, I took the proportions out from the tiny 1/144 Amuro Ray's figure included in the Real Grade RX-78-2

Basically I drew the house on pla plate, and cut it out, and glued together.

Added a Chimney and started with some putty works, to correct some mistakes...

Made some windows, and again, with some putty work I corrected some mistakes, and used some putty for the outside decoration, like it was a house made from stone.

And to end this Part 2 of the WIP, this is a wood base, I cut, and the diorama will happen on it, tomorrow, I'll do the major work on the base, since both house and weapon are fully ready.

See you guys on the next update ;)

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