Sunday, 18 September 2011

Project: AstrayGamer Begins!! - Pre-7000 Views Special Announcement!

I'm so pumped with the fact I'm almost getting 7000 views on my blog that I'm making a huge announcement right now and here!
It is with great great pleasure that the project called is going to start. is a Portuguese Web Site, which belongs to my dear friend ZackFair, he introduced me to his project last year, I said I'd help him out if he needed, a few months ago, we made some modifications to the site, and we started posting some stuff. But like I did on this blog, soon we stop posting on the site, school life and personal life leave very few time to post stuff.
Now we made some changes for easy access to everyone and for better organization.
Our dream is to make AG something like Gundam Guy or Gunjap, but in Portuguese, and will include room not only for Gundam and Gunpla, but for figures, anime, mecha, modelling and gaming.

 I'm a proud admin of AG and I'll do my best to post here and on there.

I already know the schedule for college, and I'll have classes from 18 or 6pm to 22.30 or 10.30 pm, and I'll have classes on Saturdays from 8am till 14 or 2pm...weird schedule, but I have to take it and accept it!

Once again, the is a Portuguese Web Site, so only Portuguese readers can fully understand it, I know it can be a bother to some of you, but the only thing I can recommend is either learn Portuguese or use Google Translator if you want to check our Web Site. (Sorry...)

This for us Portuguese community is very important, because there are a few blogs, some gaming web sites, but when it comes to modelling or anime, there are only forums, so what we are doing is getting the best of each and put it on the same place, and for now there won't be a forum section, though we might release it this year.

So Portuguese and Brazilians that read this blog, you now have a new place to stop by!

Stop by and leave a comment there, we will appreciate it!

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