Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gundam Beast!

No it's not the next gundam series, though I wish it was!! Continue reading for my in depth review of this fan art concept that inspires me so much!
This concept called "Nostaligic Fiction: Gundam Beast" belongs to a group of artists called "Atelier Tobiuo" --->

They are the ones that imagined this amazing amazing concept that I love, it's basically a mixture between Zoids and Gundam, Imagine a gundam that it's Mobile Armour mode was actually a Leon? Well that is what this dudes made up!

This concept is amazing and I love it, for me it has much potential, and if Bandai could pick this'd make many many fans happy...including me!

While looking at the concepts you can see many similarities with other gundam designs, like Strike or Exia.

Gundam Guy has actually a post about this,

Where you'll be able to see many other images I'm not going to post, because it would take me a lot of time ehehe.

Gundam Wolf? Omg! Seriously, it is has some design aspects that remembers me the DeathScythe, like the feet and the colour scheme.

 The images are from Atelier Tobiuo and I found them on Google and Gundam Guy :)

Final Opinion

This guys from Tobiuo certainly deserve a contract with Sunrise and Bandai, as an Artist, and what I want to do in college is Design, so this for me is extreme inspiration, and I really love this, this draws are as good as Hajime Katoki's, they are perfect, the right proportion, and it feels like it's official stuff...

When I saw this I was uber happy, thinking, "OMG A NEW GUNDAM SERIES," though I saw it was just fanart and couple months later Gundam Age was announced, and I was like...omg, seriously?

Ehehe, still I'm not criticizing Gundam Age, I want to see the show, still not very happy for it's look, but lets wait and see...

Just wanted to share this stuff with you guys, as from tomorrow, my life will change forever, I'll be sure do drop in and say a few words, as also I'm reaching the 7000 views on my blog, and I'm very excited for it ehehe :DDD

See you all next time and thank you for reading!

PS: Love you all ahahah!

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