Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blog Update!!

Sorry guys for not having done any update on my diorama project, I finished it a few days ago, and you can find it on MAC and GAF forums, I guess I gave them a few days of exclusivity ehehe...

This blog has also got a new design update, just because I felt like doing it, I was kinda annoyed with the last one.
And I have a new project to announce, it's a collaboration project between me and a friend called, Astraygamer, we posted our first work in progress in MAC forums, I haven't done a thing yet, as I'm going to start doing some research on what to do.

He his making a MG Strike Freedom, and I'll be making a diorama for it.

I kinda have the passion for dioramas now ehehe.

You can find the first WIP here --->

I'll do my best to post the "Lost in Battle" here tomorrow, see ya guys :)

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