Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Work In Progress - 1/144 "Lost in Battle" - Part 1

So, I started checking some of works for the Europe Gunpla Cup 2011 over at MAC Forums, I got really inspired for a diorama I started wondering which projects I could do, I already have 2 or 3 on paper, and one of them I started working on 3D, so I could get a better sense of dimensions, but those projects are now on hold...

1/144 - F-14A Black Tomcat - Gallery

Here it is! Finally! (I guess..)

After a couple months of work(or should I say...lack of it...eheh) here is the Gallery / Review of this great model from Revell, and it's a 1/144 scale model, which is damn small, and the details it has for that scale...are amazing! 

Monday, 29 August 2011

Where is the F-14 dude???

Well the F-14 is done and double done, I finished it and posted it on a forum, the MAC forum and they recommended me to decal it, so I when to a shop a week ago and I bough two products called Micro Set and Micro Sol, and they are really good to set and make a water slide decal stick to a surface so I also decaled my F-14!

I might post the gallery today as I am in a really good mood, since I went to a shop to buy some pla plate, and ended up buying a roll of 2500mm x 1000mm of 0.5mm pla plate and two 1000mm x 700mm of 0.3 mm pla plate, one of them is going straight to a friend of mine :)

Here is the roll xD

Friday, 19 August 2011

1/144 F-14A Black Tomcat Work In Progress FINAL!

So here I am digging this work, I abandoned a couple months ago, due to lot of school work and it really consumed my time...

This is the Last WIP of this project, I actually bought the paints like a month ago, but today my mother called me to help her cleaning some stuff, and I found out some pieces I left them dry a couple weeks ago, so I decided, why not, finish this thing?

So I only needed to paint the aircraft, and so I did, I had a clear primer and a black semi gloss spray paint, for the model, at first I was like...bahhh clear primer...let  me try this thing out, but it actually works really well, and gives a really nice and smooth touch to the surface, and prepares it for the paint...

I of course tested it on some pieces and runners before going straight for the plane, and tcharam ~!, the result was really good for me and so I went and painted the plane. Here are some pictures :)

At the top left some missiles, and the bottom left another missiles, which I painted grey just to give it some more colour, I intend to panel line it later too since it has some cool channels for it.

And at the right the fuel tanks, which I painted white according with the manual.

Here it is the bottom part, already painted, these paints I find really good because they dry really fast, the primer, dries well in 10 - 15 minutes, and the paint, an hour is enough, although they say minimum 2 hours...

I find the paint really easy to use, it dries fast, and it makes the colour uniform, also since it is semi gloss, it is kinda like bandai's plastic without being painted, so it's not flat neither glossy, it's medium, and I love the result :D

I'm leaving it to dry a couple more hours, and then I'll go and make the final touches, panel lining and paint some details on the wheels and stuff :)

I feel like I have the spirit back on me, since I was kind let down of some experiments I had done with previous paints and primers, and was really sad, and I had no hope for this project, at least for the next weeks / months, luckily I finally got right with the primer and paint, so I'm really really happy for this work...

It is my first "true" project, and I gave it my best, and still am going to do so, but really got me excited for doing more gunpla and more projects...

Really am expecting to finish this thing later tonight, and I'll be posting some pictures! See you all later!!

Gunpla Spirit [ ON!! ] - F-14 Update

So I'm finally back from my summer vacations at the south of the country, and I had plenty time to rest, and gather some ideas and renew my spirit for gunpla...

Today I decided it was the day to finally prime and paint my F-14 aircraft, right now, I have already gave him a couple coats of primer and let it dry, and about an hour ago I gave him the first coat of paint...

I'm using really weird spray paints, but the results are so good! For primer I'm using a "clear plastic primer" yes it's really clear like a clear coat, but it's really good, I tested it on a couple spare pieces and runners, and the results + painting are amazing!

Since it's clear it doesn't have colour pigments so it takes like 10 minutes to fully dry, and this at the sun, because today is actually a sunny day around here, lucky me :D

I'm taking a few pictures later, because today I'll have this fully painted, still have to see if I'll use the decals for the plane.

This is the first step of becoming a gunpla modeller, and I'm so happy that I took that step today :D

See you later :D