Friday, 19 August 2011

Gunpla Spirit [ ON!! ] - F-14 Update

So I'm finally back from my summer vacations at the south of the country, and I had plenty time to rest, and gather some ideas and renew my spirit for gunpla...

Today I decided it was the day to finally prime and paint my F-14 aircraft, right now, I have already gave him a couple coats of primer and let it dry, and about an hour ago I gave him the first coat of paint...

I'm using really weird spray paints, but the results are so good! For primer I'm using a "clear plastic primer" yes it's really clear like a clear coat, but it's really good, I tested it on a couple spare pieces and runners, and the results + painting are amazing!

Since it's clear it doesn't have colour pigments so it takes like 10 minutes to fully dry, and this at the sun, because today is actually a sunny day around here, lucky me :D

I'm taking a few pictures later, because today I'll have this fully painted, still have to see if I'll use the decals for the plane.

This is the first step of becoming a gunpla modeller, and I'm so happy that I took that step today :D

See you later :D

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