Monday, 29 August 2011

Where is the F-14 dude???

Well the F-14 is done and double done, I finished it and posted it on a forum, the MAC forum and they recommended me to decal it, so I when to a shop a week ago and I bough two products called Micro Set and Micro Sol, and they are really good to set and make a water slide decal stick to a surface so I also decaled my F-14!

I might post the gallery today as I am in a really good mood, since I went to a shop to buy some pla plate, and ended up buying a roll of 2500mm x 1000mm of 0.5mm pla plate and two 1000mm x 700mm of 0.3 mm pla plate, one of them is going straight to a friend of mine :)

Here is the roll xD

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