Wednesday, 31 August 2011

1/144 - F-14A Black Tomcat - Gallery

Here it is! Finally! (I guess..)

After a couple months of work(or should I say...lack of it...eheh) here is the Gallery / Review of this great model from Revell, and it's a 1/144 scale model, which is damn small, and the details it has for that scale...are amazing! 

Seriously, if you are a fan, or a collector, of aircraft, or 1/144 scale models, this is one of those you can't let go!

Let's start..shall we?

The main reason this Gallery / Review as on hold was due to the decals, I couldn't post this here without wouldn't feel as my first real project, you know?
The quality of the decals is ok, it has good and bad aspects, the good? Well it's in really high definition! So really small letters can be seen! That's a huge plus!

Though the bad aspect is that all decals have this whitish frame around each decal, well all decals have that, but these you notice it a lot! 

Ah... the famous bunny logo, couldn't miss that :P

Overall the result, for me is really good, I'm very satisfied, I accomplished two fears with one work, the full paint job + hand painting detailing, and the other fear....decals....

The silver and some effects on the missiles have been hand painted :)

If you notice well this last two pictures don't have decals, well these pictures have been taken one or two days before I put the decals...

In here you can see the wing gimmick, that it's rare for a model of this nature, which is not snap fit, it's a model you have to glue...

And to finish here it is, a comparison between two 1/144 scale models, on the right we have the Real Grade 1/144 scale Core Fighter, and like a fellow modeller told me after looking at this picture: "And airforce pilots complain about the space on their planes...poor Amuro..." xD

Well this was the small and long awaited Gallery / Review of this model, after finishing it, I lost most of my fears, and the gunpla / modelling, spirit is burning within me, so much, that I started a new project, and I can say it's going well, I'm going to start posting it right after this review!

I won't give this model a rate, like I did on some of my Gunpla models, I'm just going to mention certain aspects.

Parts Quality - Very Good! Full of details, and it's really good for weathering and all that :)

Building level - Medium high, i'd say, there are some parts that don't fit perfectly, some for example, if you want the model in landing gear mode, you have to cut some pieces because they come as if you were going to use it as a flying display model. But luckily the manual shows you what modifications you have to make! :)

Decals - First, waterslide decals are a great add to every model, new or old! Second, great printing quality in terms of small letters, they can be seen clearly, an A is an A and not some random ink spot. Finally, Third, Like I said, there is a white frame around each decal, that it's normal in every decals I have ever touched, though this frame is really visible, and it kinda ruins the feeling...

What you think about the job I've done on the model eh? Please rate it, comment, and critique it because it's thanks to that, that I level up my skills :)

See you all next time :)

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