Sunday, 4 September 2011

Work in Progress - 1/144 "Lost in Battle" - Part 3 (Final Part!)

Welcome to the 3rd WIP of my "Lost in Battle" diorama, here I'll be covering, the diorama, the house and some trees I did, this update is for yesterday and today's work, I daily post at the forums all my progress, but I find it better to gather 2 or 3 forum updates and put them together for 1 solid blog update :)

First I made the terrain with paint + sand, waited for it to dry and gave a coat of satin black all over the diorama, to specially cover the weapon, then I went; I waited it to day, and made a mixture of paint + baby powder, since it's so so thin, it'll soften the "rocky" terrain the sand created...

And this is the effect it created, I love it! 

Painted the house, and with tamiya weathering master, I slightly gave it some dark shadows at some corners and stuff...
To make this I had so many doubts, but I went through with it, and I love the result :D
I tried to make some evergreen trees, because they are much more common in snowy places..

And this is a size comparison between the tree and the house, I really like it, the size seems to be perfect to me...

And this was it, the third WIP, of this project, it has been 5 days since I started this project, and so far, I made stuff I never thought I could do, I learned do much, and I feel like I could do anything now, I tried and applied so many techniques to this project...

  1. Scratch Build
  2. Diorama
  3. Sand + Paint
  4. Baby Powder + Paint
  5. Trees technique
  6. Weathering
So far this is what I have done that I have never done, and wow...I'm amazed, I never thought I could do so much in such small time, luckily this project will looks like it'll look good in the end, though I still need to paint and weather the weapon, and that is the main thing on the diorama, looks like I'm saving everything for my worst enemy ehehe :)

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the Gallery!

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