Thursday, 27 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama first update!

Hello guys! Been away from this blog a couple days, these days I have very little time to post things, but two days ago I received what I needed to start my project with my friend.

We ordered some decals and he got them first, and he sent me the ones I wanted, and also a base for the Strike Freedom MG, which I'll be using on the diorama so It'll be a Diorama fully made for Strike Freedom MG.

I have been gathering some inspirations, checking some artwork and all that, and I'm gonna post some pictures I used as reference for the initial concept.

The concept is pretty simple...Strike Freedom will be the Last One Standing..

The diorama will include a lot of tiny tiny detail and I intend to push myself to my limits once again :)

See you next update!

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