Sunday, 30 October 2011

1/100 - "Last One Standing" - Diorama WIP - Part 2

Welcome o Part 2 of the WIP, with only like...5 to 6 hours of work I think I've done a lot,
corrected some panel lines, and add more details to the floor, including battle damage...

I also tried a new technique, melting runners to make very thin plastic strings, perfect to simulate cables, I'll show you the pictures, relax :)

 Also added some walls to help shape the lunar/meteorite surface..

I've corrected the panel lines, this is before the final touch up, which included, a stronger and weaker sand paper to give a pre finish, and then wet sanded and it got a lot smoother...but all this was after this picture.

The outside part which was also sanded later...

And then I created a small structure, which will be inside a "mountain" and it will have to resist to a certain amount of weight that I'll be putting on top of it, so why not testing it with some weight :)

The structure resisted a lot better than I was expecting.

 A picture of the overall look, not, after the sandings, and the added battle damage to the floor which I'll show now.

 This is a small battle damage, showing some "wires" that I made by melting some runners.

 The corner of the diorama was also battle damaged, showing that the floor cracked there.
And the hole made from a beam shoot, now without weathering it, it looks like shit but I'll look cool in the end :)

This is the result of all my work till now ahaha, my desk was a mess, now I have cleaned it don't worry ehehe :)

Hope to see you all next update!

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