Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gunpla and Life Update/ News I am again, college is taking a lot of time for me to work on gunpla and life problems...but I'll be ok :)

So, The Part III of the Wip is coming today :P I just finished laying the moon surface for the diorama, and I'll take some pictures later and post them here ehehe

Also I received a gunpla model last week, a RG Zaku II Char's Custom, it was on sale on HLJ and I couldn't let it go, it was also a gift for having passed my driving exam ehehe

I still need to finish the RG RX-78-2 before going on the Zaku...

Well, news? Omg finally the HG's Banshee Unicorn has been announced, both the Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode, can't wait to see more of them ehehe ^^

As also a MG Duel Gundam from the Seed Series, amazing! It means we are going to see a MG of Buster, Aegis and Blitz! YEAH!!

And last but not least, a RG Skygrasper with blaster and sword packs has been annouced, I'm so happy, because I was going to buy the NG 1/144 Skygrasper and Moebius Zero and would have to do custom work on the Skygrasper for it to fit the RG Aile Pack.

Seems Bandai heard my prays ehehe...see you guys on the WIP later today :P

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