Monday, 28 November 2011

Warhammer Figures - Skeletons WIP - Part 1 & Gunpla Updates

 So today I started working on this little guys, seriously they are very damn small, I wanna see how I am gonna paint them ahaha...this week I'm gonna start painting them, I still need some paints, like browns and black, and I can finally start this small journey :)

Now the Gunpla Updates! I finished the Real Grade RX-78-2 the other day, and so here is just a picture of how I have him standing on my display case :)

And I started today doing the Real Grade Zaku II Char's Custom, only 3 hours of work there, and I done 1/3 of the model, the result so far so good, I'm enjoying it a lot, it feels so smooth, and the legs are so solid, much more than the RX, it has like the solidness of a HG, but it's so complex like a MG, damn...I'm in love with Zaku II *.*

See you all next update :D

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