Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gunpla and Life update - 27/11/11

Hello everyone!
Welcome to another small update, this last few weeks have been crazy, and this past few days...uber crazy, nights that I almost never slept so I could deliver college works, and nights where I hangout with friends.

Life now is more about being happy, do normal, simple stuff, and new experiences.

Gunpla is part of my life, I take it seriously, it's a hobby, but I take it too as a challenge, a competition, where I want to shine and do my very best, and lately I don't feel like my works are what they should be...

I had my RG RX-78-2 to do for a few months, and this week I finally finished it, it's like ending a chapter, moving on...

I'll start working on RG Zaku II tomorrow, and that'll be my next Gunpla chapter.

Unfortunately I can't dedicate all my time to modelling, and so Gunpla will be kinda put a temporary retirement, so I can rest for a bit, and when I come, I'll strike full throttle.

I'll come back for gunpla, next year, for the 2012 Mecha contest, and I have a huge project, and during December I'll be training for it, so can't wait to show you what I have prepared for that project :D

I'm gonna keep updating this blog, once a week at least, so...see you all next update :)

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