Thursday, 19 January 2012

Life Update

Hello guys! So I've been a bit off from this blog, it's like a little retirement, I finished my RG Zaku II a couple weeks ago, so no more Gunpla projects to do, so I'm retiring a bit from Gunpla, and gonna restart painting some special mini figures from Gears of War The Board Game I had as a christmas gift, it's amazing, the figures are so detailed, the same or more details as Warhammer figures, so I can't wait to start painting those small monsters ehehe ^^

31 Figures if I am not mistaken, so that'll be my next project...still have to buy a lot of paints but with time I'll buy them and paint the figures and yeah it's a project that will take some weeks.

College again, takes a hell lot of time from me, the semester finished last week and now we will have 1 month break for exams and all that, I managed to escape all of them by ending with positive marks at all classes so yeah I'm happy ahaha..

I'm almost one week on college break but I got a new PS3 game that it's taking some of my time, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, it's an amazing game! I got it on Saturday and I think I've spent like 40 hours on it already, it's so addictive ahaha ^^

I'm also hanging out with friends, going out at night and everything, trying to enjoy this break time, to do stuff I wasn't able to do during this past few months with much frequency

Hope it's everything ok with you guys :)
See you all next post! Thanks for reading ;)

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