Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Back to Gunpla :D

Hey hey, how have you been doing?

Well basically 7months away from gunpla and another 6months away from the blog. I've been focused a lot on college, but all the focus payed off with good grades so I'm happy with that.

Finished first year of college in the beginning of this month but just took all the other days to rest and I took the chance and bought a RG Strike Gundam, one of my favorite designs in several Gundam Series.

Just received it today from the mailman and gosh, what a better way to start off the day :D

Also it has been 2 years since I started doing Gunpla and modelling, and 2 years since I started this very same blog, which so far has 18152 views, a number that for me is very big and I'm really happy.

So for this 2 year mark I'm gonna do a short video of the building process of the Strike, it'll be going to my Youtube account which you can check by following this link:

See you next post :D

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