Saturday, 23 October 2010

Japan Weekend Lisboa

Today I went to a anime event, called, Japan Weekend, and it happened here where I live, Lisboa / Portugal...
A couple weeks ago, the same event occurred in Spain.

So I went there with a couple friends, and because this kind of events only happen a couple times during the year I couldn't miss it.

I was expecting gunpla kits, and yes! I bought the HG GN-X from Gundam 00 series...and the HG Unicorn Gundam - Unicorn Mode...
They were also selling other kits, like, 1/100 NG Astraea (white version), a couple Master Grades, like Gouf, Wing Gundam ( the new), Wing Gundam Zero Custom, and a Zaku. Some High Grades like, the ones I bought plus, Unicorn Gundam - Destroy Mode, HG ZZ Gundam, 00 Raiser + Gn Sword 3, and a SD kit..

So...only a few ones, I was quite sad, I was hopping to see more Master Grades...but I think they did a good job just by putting a couple HG's and MG''s better to see some than nothing :)

Unfortunately I didn't take photos, I left my camera at home so...sorry for that, maybe next time ;)

There were a couple people doing cosplay, for example, Naruto, Pain, Hidan, and Sakura from the Naruto Shippuuden anime series. A couple ones doing, Lelouch, Zero and Nunally from Code Geass. And lots more that I can't remember the series names. If they put some pictures from the event I'll be posting it here.

There was a band that played for 40 - 50 minutes, and it played lot's of themes from Final Fantasy, specially, Final Fantasy 4, 6, 7 and 10. They played a couple from Zelda, and the main theme from Super Mario (of course!!!!).  Epic performance, I was hopping to listen to some battle theme songs, though when a friend of mine asked for some, the performers started to laugh...well...maybe next time...

I had a great time, I hope this kind of events to happen here in my country way more times! It was really good, to meet new people and just for the feeling of having so many people that love anime, manga, etc..
As I said, if I find pictures I'll be posting them here ;)

Now let's talk gunpla!! xDD

I'll be doing the Unicorn Gundam first, because it is way easier compared to the GN-X in terms of work in progress...
The GN-X has lots of details, I will want to paint them all, so I'll be ordering a couple Tamiya paints from a store in our country. I won't be using the stickers he comes with, I find easier to just order a couple paints and do it myself and at least gives me a better feeling of satisfaction.
Maybe in two...three weeks I'll start working on the GN-X...
I still have to re do the photo shot for Exia, and do it for the God Gundam...I hope I can do those things tomorrow..

See you all next post ;)

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