Tuesday, 8 March 2011

1/144 F-14A Black Tomcat Work In Progress 1

So welcome to the first work in progress of my Black Tomcat ^^

You can see the ton of panel lines there, so really detailed...till now this is what I have done pretty much, glued the bottom part and the upper part, with the wings...also my favourite feature of the F-14, the wings can retract...and this model can capture it really well.
This is the aircraft with it's wings on "normal" pose If I can say xD

For my surprise I was expecting maybe stickers or normal decals, and Revell gives waterslide decals... ^^

I was really amazed and there are tons of them, I might use only a couple ones for the wings and cockpit...

 I forgot to say... xD this version of the F-14 in real life actually has the Playboy bunnies...though I don't think I'll use them...

This is the colour I'll be using on the model the X-1 by Tamiya, which is actually a gloss paint..so It'll look well on the model ^^

Since I want this aircraft to be kinda my version of it, with my personal choices in terms of colours and stuff, I'll only keep the black as main colour for another future project, though I'll use red, white, grey and gunmetal, this colour only for the aircraft itself, for the accessories, like missiles and stuff, those are where I'm gonna put my own colour scheme also and I might not use all of the decals and end up using just the basic ones...

Thanks for reading and see you next WIP ^^

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