Wednesday, 16 February 2011

17/02/10 Gunpla Update

 A couple pictures I took yesterday for showing how my MG Red Frame Astray is looking like and to show my display case too :D enjoy!

 I love Red Frame for the simple fact that I simply love its design, and when I saw he used "real" Katanas instead of beam sabers, I went crazy about this guy...
Tactical arms, to be honest I like both versions of it but still I think I will use it as Blue Frame uses it, come on, using a huge sword with a "beam pistol or torch"? It sucks...personally...I like the gun, it looks some kind of weird shotgun, still I will only use it for the bow and arrow feature and for this kind of poses...

Front shot, I love it...:D

 HGUC Unicorn and HG GN-X...I simply love this guys here, though I still don't have the time do make a decent review for them, it will come up soon! It will!!

 Simple pointing bazooka pose, the gundam itself is a tower comparing to other gundams heights...and in Destroy Mode, it is huuuuugeeee

GN-X, this guy here is like the Zaku II from the original gundam series, well at least it is for me, it's design is something for other world, and it's simply amazing, I build the MG this last weekend with a friend (it was his MG unfortunatly) and the HG has lots of features from the MG...
Unfortunatelythe left leg piece was out of place when I took the it might look weird xDD

 Here they are my first Gundam models, they too have their spot on my new display case :D

 A shot from my room, with involves my display case and my bass guitar ^^
It's just for you too see how the display case looks was cheap, it was like 50€ + 13 € for the lighting at the top of the case...

I've seen lots of display cases, and for the price this was a really good one, and if you take a good look at's HUUGE, I think the space between each shelf can take a PG Gundam my opinion...

Hope you have enjoyed my small blog entry and see you next time...and we all hope...for it to come soon ^^

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  1. Looks like Ikea is going to make loads from gunpla-ers like us :P Wished they made more shelves for this, I find that there is too much headroom at times.