Saturday, 19 February 2011

19/02/11 Gunpla Update - Red Frame FINISHED

 So, yesterday I picked up my brushes and tamiya paints and painted the gold parts...finally...I finished my MG Red Frame

 At first I wasn't able to use the paints very well...they are very different from the ones I use for my art works and stuff, those are normally more "water" than "yoghurt"...

So I messed up at the first paint jobs, but I scratched and washed the pieces and they were as brand new, and then I painted till I mastered it...

 I louuve the Guards at the Katanas...they are so Epic, with the small devil thing faces...I love it...and the Katanas have kanjis on each one, each one corresponds to their name, I did a panel line on those kanjis with a bit of Tamiya Black so it can be seen clearly, though I did not take pictures to that, but I will in a future review...

I feel more comfortable doing this small updates than doing a huuuge update that only contains a I will be doing more small updates and try to do more big updates..

I can say Red Frame is finished though I will still try do Blue Frame's small Armour Schneiders, and a couple more pieces...and see what they are for...

Next time I will also try capture Red Frame with the Tactical arms at the Bow and Arrow set up...I don't like it too much but's cool to use it once or twice...

See ya next time ;)


  1. I believe everyone loves the katanas that the Red frames has. I bought 2 HG gold frames just for modifying to get it to have 2 katanas much like the MG red frame :)

    You should take more pictures to show of its great articulation and pose-ibility as well ;)

    Nice work with the red frame, I will be getting this in the near future together with the blue frame.

  2. I am thinking of doing a review for the model, I only posted these pictures pretty much like a work in progress... thanks for commenting! ^^

  3. parabens pelo trabalho com o red frame jovem, sou do brasil, tenho um amigo que mora ai em Portugal, e é um amante de gundam como eu. e estou seguindo seu blog agora. abraços