Tuesday, 27 December 2011

10000 Views Special - 2011 Review and 2012 Preview - Part 1

Wow...10000 views, I can't believe it, it was like what? 3 months ago I was partying because I had 7000 views, and now 10000 ehehe...


This will be part of some special posts I'll be making, to celebrate this 10000 views, so I'll be reviewing our 2011 year of Gunpla and previewing the 2012 year!
This year was very special for me, where I completed my first year of doing gunpla and modelling, the first Master Grade I built, and first Real Grade, the first painted model, the first decals, the first diorama, my first hand painted warhammer figures wow...so many many things I did and I'm so happy for it and I still have stuff to do like finishing my RG Zaku II ...

Gunpla 2011 was not only special for me, it was for all us modellers, we got to see many new models and new series, we got the Unicorn OVA Episodes, and we got the AGE series, which I'd love to do a review on it, but I'll be talking about it briefly on Part 2.

This Part 1 is reserved for the models of 2011 and 2012 so here we go!

We got more MG, more HG, more RG! More cool models!

We were all surprised with the Aile Strike RG announcement, and then the Freedom RG, I still haven't got the chance to get my hands on them but they look amazing! And Bandai recently announced that there will be a skygrasper RG with sword and blaster packs, which I think is an amazing "gift", being able to complete the Strike RG, with the packs and skygrasper is amazing, great stuff Bandai!

It goes to show that Bandai is taking care of the RG brand as much as MG and PG.
In HG's we got the Jesta, GM II, Master and Shining Gundam and many others, and it's good to see that older designs are getting as much attention as the new ones.

Though the Jesta is a special one, it's one of the best HGUC's I have seen and I had it on my hands and it's solid, really cool model, I might get one next year!

And in celebration of the 10 years of Gundam Seed, we got the remastered HG's, the same HG's, but now with new packaging, new molded plastic colours to match the HD Remaster series, Decals and even an attachment so they can be placed on a action base stand.

MG's, we got the continuation of the Wing MG's series, and they will still keep coming next year with the Heavy Arms, and I guess in 2012 we might see a Tallgeese MG eventually, I'd like to see that ^^

We still got Unicorn MG Full Armor Mode, which is weird, because it has more weapons than armor but thats ok xDD

And the announcement of the Duel Assault Shroud Gundam is so obvious that after Wing, Bandai is picking on Seed to continue it's MG line...

My previews for 2012 now... like I said, a MG Tallgeese would be cool, but I think Bandai might stop making Wing Models for a short time...(or forever -.-'') and replacing it with the Seed Line...

We already got the announcement of the Duel Gundam, it's safe to say that the Buster, Aegis and Blitz will receive the same MG treatment, and that's very cool :D

And I might get them all ahaha, though I'd like it more on 1/144 scale, so RG Seed Models would be cool too.

Next Real Grades? Humm...we got the Skygrasper coming, but next? I seriously don't know, they surprised us all when jumping from 0079 to Seed, so they can go back and continue the 0079 series, doing a RG GM, or making a MK II from Zeta Gundam series...

High Grades? Well more from the Unicorn Series...I guess =/ and more from the remaster series of Seed and Seed Destiny...

This ends the Part 1 special review and preview of this year and next year models, next Part I'll be speaking of the series, animes, ova's, movies, etc :D

Once again, thanks guys for being here next to me, and this 10000 views just shows it! Thanks!!

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