Thursday, 13 January 2011

Gunpla Talk

So yeah, it's a simple gunpla talk, and just to tell you a couple news...

So this last days of the week are going to be great I hope, because, my friend ordered two 00Q Full Saver/Saber's and he got his today and he sent the other for me, so I hope to get it tomorrow....

And the MG Red Frame should get here tomorrow or yeah I really want to get both of them xDD

 One thing I have noticed are the few gunpla news and rumours, it's quite strange...I think Bandai is maybe planning something...

I want to know which more models will get the HG and the MG I can define my shopping list for this year, which I think will be a bit big...

I will get the 00Qant (because I would only get it if I had the Full Saver, so by March I may buy this HG)

So possible models:

MG Strike Freedom

NG Red Frame

MG Monkey D. Luffy

and NG One Piece's - Going Merry model...

I would like to get this ones here, but one of them I am sure to get in a few months is the NG Red Frame, because I want to give it's backpack, shield, and beam rifle to the Master Grade, and then, preform on the NG, a really serious modification, that I have been seems this year will be a pretty good year for this blog, and for you my readers :)

See ya this weekend with the HGUC - Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode review ;)

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