Friday, 7 January 2011


So here is just a quick post just to release some frustration, like...I was hoping to receive my MG Red Frame yesterday, instead, I received a letter from the "custom house" is it? I don't really know how to say this in English...

So what it means, it got stuck at the entrance of my country, and they need me to send them some papers proving that thing is a "toy" from HLJ, and cost me this and that...soo....what it really means and upsets me, is that I have to pay some kind of money to get that thing to my house...
With luck by the end of next week I should get it.

It really annoys me...that package, was sent all way back from Japan, I'm sure that thing crossed like seas, and lands, and went through many countries, and they didn't care, and when it gets to my own country they do this to me...damn it!

Well I just want to get first Master Grade...ahh...I have some kind of passion for Samurai and Ninja things..the sneaky sneaky style stuff, the lets crack open that door and knock them down!! ( I know I'm a bit contradictory but...whatever, can't I like both stuff?? )

I like huge swords, and normal swords to....though...just Badass swords xD

And I see that and much more in Red really am like gonna cry when opening the box...

Like I said, tomorrow if the weather is good I'll do the Exia and God Gundam review...if not...I'll do it too xDD

See yall!

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