Monday, 16 August 2010

HG 1/144 Exia Repair II Unboxing

This will be the Unboxing of the Exia Repair II, my first gunpla model, and so far so good, I love Exia and his role in the anime.
This is the box art, as I said in the last post, it's a very cool box, it captures Exia in a pretty cool action pose, and if you get the 0 Gundam you can combine both boxes and recreate the battle scene, big plus for Bandai for making that effort.

This is the box opened.

This is the manual. Here shows the cover, and two extra pages with cool action poses. (Dunno why the image is bended...-.-'')

A close look to the front page, shows a bit of information of the model and one of the most weird gundam pilots of all time, Setsuna F. Seiei. * Ore wa...Gundamuuu!!*

A close look to the other two pages, which shows Exia in many different and cool poses, and at the top right corner, says you can also get the 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.) to recreate the final battle scene between Setsuna and Reborns.

The left runner is the "A" runner, and has many different colours, the clear for the GN parts, blue are for the shoulders, and weapons, yellow for the chest pieces and red for the feet, head and a skirt part, which I think it's a big plus, they give you a red piece for the front skirt armour and not a sticker, though the back skirt armour is just a white piece so Bandai gives us a sticker for that area, which I won't be using. You can see that are some blue pieces left, those are for the Exia 1 shoulders, the ones with the mount for the beam sabers.
The right runner is the "B1" runner, and you can notice many leftover parts. These leftover parts are for the Exia 1 arms, legs and skirt with beam saber mounts. (Exia Repair II has his beam sabers on his legs, check part II of the WIP and I'll be showing you that part). This runner is for the beam saber parts, arms, legs, chest, head, GN Sword and GN Dagger.

This is the "C" runner which is made of ABS plastic, which is a bit more resistant. This runner has three leftover parts, one is for the Exia 1 chest part. And the other two are for the mounts of the GN Sword and GN Dagger, on Exia 1's legs.
These is also the poly cap runner with just two leftover parts. This runner was made in 1999. So Bandai is using their previous HG and HGUC PC runners for this new models.

This is the last image of this Unboxing, it's the "E" runner, which has some blue, white, grey and something that is a huge plus, the clear green part for the huge GN Sword II. It's a plus for Bandai for giving us at least this part already painted, though it's sad that the others are not painted but you can always grab some clear green paint and paint those parts. Or use the stickers they give you, but it is nothing compared with painted parts.

Bandai you could have given us a runner for the beam saber parts, but I do understand why you didn't gave us those. It's to make us buy the other models, from the 00 Series, which includes beam parts. I think this and the not painted clear parts are the only negative aspects in this model, but if you are a good modeller, you can always paint the clear parts, and grab another gunpla model, and voilá, you'll have the beam sabers for this Exia.
And this concludes my first and big Unboxing post, see you on the first part of the WIP.

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