Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Stuff

I  was expecting this today, and finally they arrived.
I bought them at a store in my country, but since that store is far from where I live, I ordered them from their web site, I ordered on Monday, but it was shipped to my yesterday (Tuesday), and arrived this morning.
I'm really happy, they're the colours I really wanted, and I think I'm going to get a couple more.
Now you'll probably notice there are two dark paints, a clear green and red.

 Here you see both and you can see one is the X-1 which is Black (there says Negro, since this was made in a Spanish factory it's obvious it would come in Spanish), and the other is the X-10 which I think to be a dark gray which is commonly called as "Gun Metal", I'll be mainly using this two for weapons, to give more contrast instead of being just in one or two colours.

And finally, the clear green X-25, which I'll be using for the 00 Gundam High Grades, and the X-7 Red, which I'll use on my next project, and for weapons too.
So this "New Stuff" ends here, but I'll continue with the Exia Repair II work in progress today, I hope, and I'll be showing the painted GN clear parts with the Clear Green, can't wait for that :)

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