Monday, 16 August 2010

HG 1/144 Exia Repair II WIP part 1

So welcome to the part 1 of the work in progress, in this part, I'll show you the beam sabers, GN Swords and Dagger, Shield and GN Drives.

First the 4 beam saber handles, I just panel lined it in that small channel there. And with this Exia comes a "beam saber" it's just one single white piece, so I panel lined the handle and mixed Red and White gundam markers to give me a "pinky" colour for the beam saber, and I think I managed to do it well.

Now, the GN Sword and Dagger, I kinda like these, and specially now that I painted them they look really nice, for the grey section I used a "Mecha Grey" Gundam Marker also in the image. And then I panel lined the handles. Easy...

Now this is what makes this Exia version so special, the GN Sword II, instead of being just a single grey blade piece, this one has now a clear green piece, which makes the blade a lot cooler. And I panel lined the white piece.

Here it is now in Sword mode.

If you saw the Unboxing, there was many leftover parts, this one was included too, the blade piece for making the GN Sword I, which I won't use but it's cool to have it too.

This shield is a bit sad, because it's just a blue piece, with two more grey pieces ( the back of the shield and the piece to connect the shield to the arm) so the white thing you see is a sticker, I was afraid of it looking really bad, but it turned out pretty good, and at first it doesn't even look like a sticker.

And here are the GN Drives, the opened one was for the Repair II and the closed one for Exia 1, you can use both, I decided to paint the grey parts and panel lined it, though I think I'll be using the opened one.

This concludes the part 1 of the work in progress, I'll be posting part 2 tomorrow, where you'll see the legs, arms, chest, and head. I still need to put some stickers on the legs and arms, and paint the clear parts, I tested the colour now on the clear runner part, and I liked the result, so maybe tomorrow I'll have the clear pieces painted and assemble them on the model.

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