Sunday, 11 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 1

Welcome to the Part 1 of my work in project of the 1/600 HMS Belfast, as I said in the post before this kit is from 1973, and you can tell it's old just from the look of the cover.

So here are the first images of the kit:

This is the other half of the box.

This shows you the runners.

In here shows you what I have done, cut from the runners the pieces do make 4 cannons, and I have only finished 1, at the left we have and air plane, which is in the middle of it's construction, I only have to glue the engine and the top wing to the main body and it's finished.

 Close up images of the cannon.

Close up images of the air plane.

This ends the first part of this work in project. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow, hopefully by then I have completed the 4 cannons and the air plane.

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