Tuesday, 13 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 6

Welcome to part 6, and good news, I'm almost at the end, to complete I just need to complete the detail parts,(cannons, boats...) I can say that 1/3 of those detail work is done, and it's right here, on the commanding tower.

Front view, so you can see the antennas and the commanding floor.

More like a side view, here shows some mounted guns, and the antennas.

Top side view, so you can see the commanding tower from above.

The back of the tower, pretty detailed, and notice again, the plane with it's wings folded, great image.

So this ends part 6, the WIPs are getting smaller because now it's the time for detailing specific parts of the ship, today was this front tower, tomorrow, I hope to finish the middle section and the back middle section, though it's a bit complicated, lot's of pieces.
So tomorrow, there will be a part 7 and 8. And this project will be ended, It has been a great challenge for me, since this is my first model, and I started on a huge difficult level kit, but it has been a great fun till now.

See you tomorrow :)

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