Tuesday, 13 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 4

Part 4 in the house! Well I have worked like 3 hours non stop to get the ship how it looks now, I have also very detailed photos of the ship, so you can see how detailed it is :)

I have no put the front deck so a big plus here, I have also put 2 anchors, one on each side, you can see it in the front part of the ship.

The middle section, you can see now that I raised some walls, and put some protections on both sides, and inside those walls, there is a very curious thing, I'll show you right away :).

This isn't the best angle but you can see it is a plane, but it's a convertible plane or something, because those wings are closed. And that area is like an hangar or something, in the end this hangar will be closed so...check it out while you can.

If you remember part 3 there where some protections, missiles and boats, it's a shame those missiles are now covered and you can't see them, and you can barely see a boat there if you look with some attention.

This is the other middle section, you can see now that there are now 4 protection panels there, and I added another floor.

This is the most impressive part, till now I think, the images are not perfect, but the rear section there are some mounted guns, and some kind of protection, maybe a wind barrier? And there are also some crates. Back to the middle part you can see that there are some stairs.

Here you see those very small stairs, and look how very detailed they are, for me one of the most impressive parts of the kit, and very difficult do glue.

This ends the part 4 of the WIP, as I said I worked like 3 hours non stop to put the ship as it looks now, since there are many small parts it's pretty hard to glue them so, I had to sacrifice my fingers to get it done xD 
Tomorrow I'll do the part 5 where I hope to do more one floor, put some mounted guns and missiles. 
The last parts I glued where the number 100, and the last number will be 250 something I think, so still lot's of work to do, though most are small parts, as antennas, stairs, missiles, guns...
Those circular areas with a hole in the middle are for the main cannons, witch will be the last thing I am going to put, since they are very sensible, and they can break easily so, you won't be seeing them till the last part :)

Thanks for reading :)

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