Monday, 12 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 2

So here I am for the part 2, in here I show you the finished air plane.

And I also finished the other 3 cannons that I had to do.

Different angle

And also started the next part of the building, here you see part of the ship. Where I glued the bottom parts and put half of the deck.

Also put the rudder and the propellers.

And to finish this second part, I show you the 4 propellers. It didn't gave me a headache, until now the hardest part was the air plane, since the pieces are so small, and the cannons where hard at first, but I found a good way to do them, so they didn't take too long.

Notice, I use a squared sheet of paper, so it is easy for you to see how small things are, each square is half a centimetre.

I'll try post part 3 tomorrow and by then I should have half of the deck done.

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