Monday, 12 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 3

Welcome back for part 3 of this WIP, so far so good, you can see that the picture is blurry but that's because the camera is very close to the model, in there, you can see 2 surviving boats, some protections, and 2 "U" shaped pieces that will help support the other top part for the ship.

If you notice this picture shows that I added a floor to the ship, you can also see the fantastic detail there in those doors and windows. Remember this is a kit from 1973 so for a kit with almost 40 years the detail is amazing.

You can see the surviving boats, the protections, and behind it there are some missile shaped things.

Here is a size comparison, so you can see that the ship (right now) isn't much more taller than the 1€ coin. Again, look at the detail of the small things, one word: Amazing.

Now from a top view, (sorry the shadows D:) you can see how small those boats are, and how thin the protections are.
So this ends the part 3 of this WIP, not much different from part 2, except those boats, missiles, protections, the "U" shaped parts and the floor.
Right now I am preparing some parts from the second floor of this deck, and preparing to glue the front deck, so tonight I should have more things to post here. Keep an eye on it ;)

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