Monday, 19 July 2010

Gallery & Review: 1/600 HMS BELFAST

So this is it, the complete model, sorry for taking so long, my camera was without battery and I didn't have the charger with me, but finally, here it is. I took lots of photos, and I decided to make like a montage, since it's a pretty complex model and I'm not a big photoshopper, I made a simple montage. This is the best I could do, it only took me like 10 minutes. In the picture you can see that the cannons are pointing to the air plane, and it's in the middle of the ocean, and with some crazy waves (let's just imagine it xD).

Side view

Front view

Back view

Back top side view (wtf?? xD) here you can see the back cannons, and the back part. 

Here you can see the chimneys, and some mounted guns.

 The cranes, and the plane.

Front side view, here you see the front cannons.

The cannons can rotate, though the barrels not, because they are glued xD

Here is a small detail, some ladders at the side of the ship.

Just to show you the mounted guns detail.

Middle section, top view.

Main tower. You can see the antennas.

Mounted guns at the back of the ship.

Middle section, top view.

Front cannons, rotating.

So here ends the gallery. Now the final thoughts...
This was my first model, I had no experience in modelling at all, so for me this was a great challenge. Of course there are some mistakes, but the kit is very old, and this plastic is very fragile, so for that reason it was even more hard. I'm thinking in painting it, but not now. 
I had a great time building it, I did it in 4 days, but if I calculate the amount of time, maybe near 24 hours, so I think that's not that bad. This model it's not for sale any more I think, though you can still find some newer versions of this kit at Ebay and Amazon, from what I have seen the unique difference is the cover.
You can check all the work in project sessions, at the WIP page.
My next model should arrive next week, it's a surprise, you'll see what it is when the time comes.
Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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