Wednesday, 14 July 2010

1/600 HMS Belfast WIP Part 7

Welcome to the last part of this work in project, this is the last part, part 7, I glued all the parts, I still need to put some things, as the main cannons, secondary cannons, and the plane. I won't be gluing those, because I find it better just having them not glued, so I can turn the cannons. 

Here shows the chimneys and some survival boats, and some new antennas.

Middle section photo, to show the boats, and the chimneys, it actually looks pretty nice.

So this ends the work in project, I had a lot of fun building this one, and as I said, this is my first model kit, and I only took 4 days building it, so I think it's pretty good, and I only broke 2 pieces, considering this is a pretty small scale boat, and has lot's of small pieces, I think it's good too.
Any part you want to see go to the WIP section, and then you'll have all the links for the 7 parts. 
I'll be making a gallery, full of images, of this ship, and a review, of everything, how were the WIPs, the pros and cons, the most challenging things and the easiest ones.
Hope you have enjoyed watching this WIPs as I enjoyed building it and posting them here for you to see.
See you on the next post. ;)

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